When Information Isn’t Enough To Achieve Our Goals

Written by Tyler Lafleur, Executive Health and Leadership Coach HPHI

If you are looking for books on Leadership or books intended to help you live a healthier lifestyle, you won’t have much trouble finding more than you could ever consume in this lifetime. Yet, we are currently at a point in America that we are becoming more and more unhealthy and businesses seem to be struggling more and more to gain momentum. Why might that be……?

If we aren’t lacking the information to do a better job, and good advice looms around each and every corner, why are we struggling so much in regard to our health and our leadership capabilities?

While this question may be speculative, it is anything but rhetorical.

“If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” Derek Sivers

One of the key pillars of leadership is housing the ability to lead yourself first. If you cannot lead yourself, you must ask yourself: “Would you follow YOU?”

We have the tendency for our actions and sometimes our words to show: “Do as I say, but not as I do.” Which doesn’t bode well for the recipient nor the deliverer… in this case, you!

It appears that we are simply looking for the best recipe, while the “secret sauce” is knowing that it has nothing to do with the “recipe” for success, but everything to do with the chef!

Tyler Lafleur of HPHI leading a class on nutrition at the Kitchenary, Lafayette LA

Most of us, who have built businesses or health, could think back to our early days in starting our businesses or just beginning our health journeys, and more than likely, you laugh at how foolish your thinking was.

Yet, for those that can’t seem to gain traction with their healing or their business, they still hold steadfast to their habits of reading fitness magazines or the latest “flavor of the month” leadership guru’s telling you how to market yourself differently… without ever really implementing anything new the following week.

These same people continue to Google phrases such as, “Best diet for lower belly fat?” and “Making easy mailbox money…” They continue to stack up information and never stack up one consistent action towards them.

And guess what. They never see any results. They stay fat, overweight, unhealthy, broke, and unhappy.

Here is the kicker: Information is not action.

This may not seem earth-shattering for some, but the reality is that these same people have heard the same advice from several sources but they continue to seek an easier, more convenient path to achieving their goal.

But keep this in mind: Neither health or business can be taught. They must be learned.

Treat advice like ingredients. But come up with your own recipes. YOU are the blatantly obvious variable that will throw off every formula for success.

At a certain point, you need to stop collecting information and start taking action. You actually have to take the information you’ve been collecting and start putting it into action.” Tyler Lafleur

At a certain point, you need to stop collecting information and start taking action. You actually have to take the information you’ve been collecting and start putting it into action.

Only then will you figure out exactly what works for you and achieve the results you want.

Does it take time? Yes. Is it easy? No. But is it simpler than most make it out to be? Indeed.

There is no quick fix. There is no overnight solution.

But there is a choice: You can either continue wasting time-saving hundreds of articles or you can start investing that time into choosing one diet, one exercise regimen, or one business plan and executing on it, consistently.

It’s your choice.

Tyler LaFleur is a performance coach and functional medicine practitioner in Lafayette LA. Through his company, HPHI, he offers health coaching and Executive performance coaching. The purpose of his coaching is to transform individuals and organizations by facilitating the learning of the discipline and self-mastery required to reach their goals and achieve outstanding levels of health and performance.