Al Hebert, the Gas Station Gourmet

It’s always enjoyable when we can celebrate the warm “joie de vivre” or joy of living of our local people, and this episode of Discover Lafayette is no exception.

Humor and a fun-loving spirit define today’s guest, Al Hebert, otherwise known as the Gas Station Gourmet. Al explores America’s undiscovered culinary treasures across the United States: gas station food!

While we all plan stops on road trips for fuel and restroom breaks, most people don’t give much thought to the cuisine found at a gas station. But as Al Hebert has found out and shares passionately with a wide audience, gas station food can rival anything your grandmother could cook.

Al Hebert takes viewers to unique restaurants inside big truck stops and convenience stores.  He showcases mom and pop owners of convenience stores, celebrating the indomitable spirit of the great American entrepreneur who offers everything from delectable chicken salad to boudin to eggplant dressing.

The Gas Station gourmet offers a light-hearted look at outstanding examples of the more than 154,000 C Stores across our country.  Al’s journeys have even uncovered the best jail food in America as well as prisoners who bake bread for civic clubs right here in South Louisiana.

In addition to his work as Gas Station Gourmet, Al Hebert writes monthly for the National Association of Convenience Stores, he’s a healthcare journalist and media consultant, and works at KADN News here in Lafayette as morning show producer.

Al is genuinely one of the nicest men you’ll ever get to know, and this interview is a wonderful and humorous exploration of his life on the road highlighting the many “mom and pop” convenience stores which make America great!

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