Carolyn Greco – FACET Founder and Workplace Consultant Celebrating 40 Years of Career Coaching and Transition Services

Carolyn Greco, the founder of FACET, a company that offers career transition services and executive coaching, joined Discover Lafayette to discuss her celebration of 40 years in business. Carolyn is known for her expertise in the creation and administration of career management and workplace programs, and her team provides direction on individualized career strategies.

99% of FACET’s clients are corporate-sponsored, meaning the company pays the cost of helping them get executive coaching or outplacement services to find a replacement job after a merger, acquisition or downsizing occurs.

Carolyn’s group also works with clients who have achieved success and are now focusing on fulfillment as they look toward a more meaningful existence.

Each client of FACET is assigned a dedicated career strategist who is assigned to work directly with them, always available, as they find their path to the right job fit.

FACET’s work with a client begins with assessing their strengths and weaknesses to adequately identify their temperament to ensure the right corporate culture fit. The company utilizes tools such as the Birkman Method, Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI). These assessments allow companies to place people in positions that will allow them to flourish and find their permanent place of happy employment.

Carolyn shared that many times people are promoted and the higher position calls upon different skills than they utilized before or were trained to handle. It can be hard to delegate as you make the jump into higher management as you fight the tendency to do the job in the way you always have. Having a personal assessment inventory and receive executive coaching can help managers become much more successful.

COVID has caused a major upheaval in the workforce and has led people to examine their lives, wanting to identify opportunities for meaningful employment. FACET asks these people, “What do you want to do? Go back to school? Start a business? Become a consultant? Retire?”

Retirement now has a different meaning than it did in the past. As Carolyn says, “Many don’t retire, they refire!!” The pressure is off and older workers can do whatever they want. Perhaps they will enter the non-profit world or volunteer for causes that have always pulled upon their heartstrings. Many need income and they can utilize their experience to benefit causes in ways they never had the freedom to do as a younger person.

As for younger workers, more young people think about what they really want to do in their work-life than past generations did. The good news is that they are supported by their families and cohorts as they determine, “Do I want to be a carpenter or a lawyer?”

Networking is still the key to career advancement and finding a great job, just as it was in the past. While Zoom and other online services have helped us navigate the COVID shutdown, you will always learn more about people when engaging in the human magic of in-person meetings. “You always find out something valuable when meeting in person with others.”

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and has become the “go-to” for finding out who to reach out to in your job search. Carolyn stresses the importance of getting your LinkedIn profile and experiences up to snuff to tell the world who you are and what you offer. It can sometimes be the “3rd or 4th” connection that you have that gets you the interview you need to nail your ideal job.

Carolyn Greco has dedicated her life to helping others live their best life through their work. Her parting advice was to “Work and personal life needs to be integrated so that you, your family, your children, are happy. Live out the passion of your life.” And she and FACET are there to help you achieve that dream.

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