Cassie Doyle – Screenwriter Who Learned Her Craft at Lafayette High and UL – Lafayette

Cassie Doyle joined us on Discover Lafayette to discuss her screenwriting career and success in having several Lifetime movies to her credit at the young age of 27. We invited Cassie’s childhood friend, Taylor Marie Swift, to join us in this special episode where we reminiscence about her focused journey to hone her craft and pursue her dream of creating films.

A Lafayette native, Cassie is becoming well-known for writing feature-length films that successfully make it to television screens. For Christmas 2019, two of her movies premiered on Lifetime and are entitled The Road Home for Christmas and Radio Christmas.

In 2018, two other Christmas films Cassie wrote aired on Lifetime, A Christmas in Tennessee, and A Christmas Contract. A Christmas Contract was filmed right here in Lafayette.

Cassie graduated from UL – Lafayette in Moving Image Arts. She moved to NYC in 2015, initially served as an assistant for a small jewelry design company, then as an Assistant at A & E Networks where she made contacts in the industry and started writing. She is a member of The Writers Guild and is currently working on new projects that aren’t related to the Christmas season.

Cassie understood early on that relationship building is important in the film industry, just as in any other endeavor in life. While she worked as an administrative assistant in NYC, she attended various networking events where she made friends in the industry. A contact led to her pivotal job at A & E Networks. She also volunteered at various creative workshops and was always writing scripts, always ready to respond to a call for her work. She befriended higher-ups at the A & E Network who were willing to give her a hand up when she was ready to submit her first Christmas film script, even though she didn’t yet have an agent. Her efforts and willingness to work hard, plus a shot of “luck,” opened a door that is continuing to open wider and wider for this young talented woman.

Cassie loves to travel, and has visited thirty countries as she has written her travel blog, Cassie Finds, sharing her favorite things to do, or not do, in exotic locales around the world.

The future looks bright and wide open for Cassie Doyle, who now works independently and is working to fulfill her next dream of working on a series. Best wishes, Cassie, and thank you for sharing your love of Lafayette, your family, and your craft with Discover Lafayette!