Chad Landreneau – Animal Findr App

Chad Landreneau, developer of the app, AnimalFindr, joined Discover Lafayette to discuss his mission to connect breeders, buyers, and sellers of livestock such as cattle and horses, as well as family pets. Animal Findr is available on the Apple App store and Google Play.

Animal Findr connects buyers and sellers across the nation for any and every pet enthusiast. As Chad’s website says, “Whether you are looking for a Catahoula, a calico, a cobra or a cockatiel,” you can search on the go as you travel. Buyers and sellers can communicate about a potential sale in real time.

The app uses GPS geolocation, geofencing, and real-time motion tracking technology, which allows you to find the animal of your dreams within a 500-mile radius of your location, across the U.S. The app is free, unless you want to subscribe so as to have access to breeding records, registration papers, or the extended family tree of the animal. Subscriptions run from $19.99 monthly to $97.99 for a six-month period.

Chad grew up in Mamou, part of a third-generation farming family. He had a couple of horses while growing up, as well as farm animals, so he was always comfortable around animals. A graduate of McNeese State University, Chad worked on a Western Pleasure Horse farm while in college and enjoyed the experience.

When he moved back to Lafayette after a stint working in Dallas, he came across a horse trainer who convinced him to buy a horse and give racing a whirl. Chad says, “I got bit by the bug. First we traveled to races in South Louisiana, then across Louisiana.”

It was during that time that he spent many weekends in the stands waiting for a race with his horse to occur and he had plenty of time to notice the behavior of other people sitting around him. “You only compete for a couple of minutes when your horse races. The rest of the time you just sit in the stands. I noticed that everyone’s heads were down. I walked through the venue and saw that everyone was scrolling on their phone or an IPad. They were looking for their ‘winner’. I wondered how I could effectively connect people who want to buy animals with those who want to sell.”

When he searched online for horses, he found sites that sell the animals by discipline, such as Barrel Racers, Race Horses, or Western Pleasure. But no sites just listing horses of all backgrounds. “I wanted a one-stop shop where all horses, as well as cattle, dogs, cats, sheep, birds, or exotic animals could be bought and sold.

So, Chad created an app where users can post in real time and find their desired animal. “If I get in a truck and drive down the road for 3,000 miles, I wanted something that had the GPS technology that would reload other opportunities to buy or sell animals depending on where I was located in the country. I wanted people to find animals for sale outside of their usual territory of where they lived, as they might be traveling for horse shows or vacations. And I wanted instant messaging so if you see something you like, you can connect with the owner. It’s a way to truly connect buyers and sellers in real time, on the go.”

In October 2023, Chad launched Animal Findr and the app was recently updated in February 2024. “I wanted to make sure the app works, and is rock solid in all capacities, in Android and Apple before we did the hard push. Now we have hundreds of users….buyers and sellers.”

Animal Findr connects the buyer and seller, but is not involved in the actual exchange of the animal or the payment. The customers handle the actual purchase and no money is made by Animal Findr off the sale.

Josh Richard of Burning Stick Creative has helped Chad market this new app. Chad recounts how he’s had to learn about Tik Tok, Instagram, FaceBook, and the ins and outs of working a website. He also shared how starting a business is not always easy. His first website programmer took his money and then hit the road. Chad eventually partnered with Accolades IT, located in downtown Lafayette, to build Animal Findr’s website, with whom he is very pleased.

As with any business endeavor, Chad is learning about people’s preferences as his app is catching on. While he initially created Animal Findr to help people buy and sell horses and cattle, today the majority of transactions involve cats and dogs. “I’d really love the app to go more on the horse and cattle side!”

Advice to aspiring business owners: “Get credible references to make sure that your providers are qualified. Also, I’ve learned the importance of self-funding and saving your money.”

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