Chubby Carrier – Grammy Winning Zydeco Artist, Ambassador for Acadiana

Chubby Carrier joined Discover Lafayette to share his life journey in the Zydeco music world and how he learned the business from his father, Roy Carrier. In a world where artists can be taken advantage of, Chubby is an astute businessman who realized early on that he had to control his own destiny.

Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band’s release in 2010 of Zydeco Junkie won the Grammy in the category of Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album in 2011. Ironically, that was the last year the Grammy’s recognized zydeco and cajun music; after that year, the award has gone to Best Regional Roots Album which can be awarded to any traditional American music.

His band offers a unique blend of traditional Zydeco elements with contemporary influences including elements of rock, blues, and funk. Chubby’s ability to fuse different styles and his captivating stage presence have allowed him to reach a broader audience beyond Zydeco aficionados.

Chubby is a third-generation Zydeco artist following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Warren Carrier, his father, Roy Carrier, and his cousins, Bebe and Calvin Carrier.

His music is so cool, you can’t help but tap your feet and rock when you hear his band’s compelling beat.

Jan Swift met Chubby when they both served as Ambassadors for a Smoke-Free Louisiana. Many musicians have died over the years from exposure to secondhand smoke, including their mutual friend, David Egan. Luckily, Chubby has not gotten cancer and he is looking forward to many more years of sharing his unique musical talents.

When you meet Chubby, you know you are in the presence of greatness. Thank you for listening to this true hero and local talent who is proud to call Acadiana his home.

We ended our interview with his song, Another Pretty Face from his album, Back to My Roots. Please buy his music, and please buy the music of our other local artists. Their livelihoods depend upon us who all enjoy their contributions to our culture.