Dr. Jeffrey Joseph of Acadian ENT

Dr. Jeffrey Joseph, otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon of Acadian ENT joins Discover Lafayette to discuss his 29-year career in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Joseph works with a team of other ENT specialists and staff, including Drs. Bradley Chastant and Ryan Chastant.  Their practice recently merged with Camellia ENT, which has been in operation since 1990, and now includes Drs. David Foreman, Lane Anzalone, and Jimmy White.

Dr. Joseph has been seeing patients in Southwest Louisiana since 1993. His professional acumen in performing rhinoplasty and rejuvenation surgery on the aging face has made him well-known and in demand in our community. He is also known nationally and in 2003, Dr. Joseph was the only Louisiana facial plastic surgeon included in the book “The Beauty Makers” featuring talented facial plastic surgeons in the U. S.

A native of Crowley, his father owned Emile Joseph Menswear in the Northgate Mall and in the South College Shopping Center. Dr. Joseph was always interested in medicine since he was a young boy, and followed the advice of his best friend’s dad, the late Nolan Edwards, who told him if he was going to be a doctor, he should be a plastic surgeon because he liked to draw and paint. “I started thinking this would be a good avenue for me to do the two things that I’m most passionate about, taking care of people and drawing and painting!”

At Acadian ENT, each doctor has their own niche and you have plastic surgery options as well as treatment for allergy and sinus issues, hearing loss, and hearing aid and cochlear implants. Patients have access to skincare and facial treatments, and innovative laser procedures. The full suite of services offered include • Allergy Center • Skincare Center • Hearing & Balance Center • Facial Plastics Center • Radiological services / CT Scan • Onsite pharmacy • Onsite surgical suite • Hearing aid repair options. In particular, Dr. Joseph is proud to offer a convenient onsite CT scanner so that patients don’t have to go to another facility to get a scan taken. Dr. Joseph practices at their office at 1000 W. Pinhook Rd, Suite 201 and the South Lafayette location is at 1039 Camellia Blvd. Acadian ENT also has offices in Kaplan and Crowley.

While Acadian ENT offers a full array of skin care services, Dr. Joseph gives simple advice to take care of your skin and avoid unnecessary damage. “Wash with soap such as Purpose or Cetaphil. Use sunscreen and a topical Vitamin C or retinol product. It all starts with taking care of your skin and protecting yourself from the sun. Consistency with good products is the key.”

Dr. Joseph won’t operate on smokers and he works to try to get people to their ideal weight prior to surgery to obtain the best results. The most requested “anything” is people wanting to look like a Kardashian. Many of his patients have had skin cancer removed and need reconstruction of their face post-Mohs surgery to restore symmetry.

While most plastic surgeons perform 12 to 20 facelifts a year, Dr. Joseph performs over 100, which is a lot for a town of our size. While surgery can cause immense bruising and discoloration for the first few days, Dr. Joseph follows up with his patients every day for the first five days to check the healing process and give an accurate assessment to the patients as to how well they are healing. On the fifth day, stitches are removed and the patient’s hair is washed in the office. Most bruising is gone by the 7th day and by the 10th-day post-surgery, the typical patient can get out and about. Supplements such as arnica and bromelain work wonders to keep bruising and swelling under control. And more common sense advice from the doc: Vicks salve (Vaporub) helps with bruising for anyone….surgery or not.

With 29 years of experience, Dr. Jeffrey Joseph has seen his practice evolve. Focusing on facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, his advice to potential patients is “Don’t pick the procedure or the way you think it should be done; pick the doctor that gets the best results consistently. It’s very similar to going into a restaurant and letting the chef cook the meal as they know how; ask the doctor to do the procedure in the way they think is best.”

Dr. Jeffrey Joseph loves Lafayette and wants nothing more than for our community to be safe for our citizens and beautified. “People travel to South Louisiana for surgery and they notice how close-knit the community is. If you take care of your city, it takes care of you.”

We thank Dr. Joseph and Acadian ENT for being a part of Discover Lafayette. For more information on their services and four locations throughout Acadiana, please visit https://acadianent.com/.