Dr. Thomas Bond – Regenerative Medicine Institute – Using Your Body’s Ability to Heal Without Surgery

Jan Swift and Dr. Thomas Bond at taping of Discover Lafayette

Our guest is Dr. Thomas Bond who specializes in regenerative medicine. Dr. Bond graduated from LSU in New Orleans and served as LSU Medical Center Chief of Sports Medicine. During his three-year tenure at LSU, Dr. Bond was the Medical Program Director for the LSU Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.

He founded Total Care Health and Wellness Medical Center in 2007. In 2018, Dr. Bond opened the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Louisiana. Former athletes and local business people who have been treated by him enthusiastically tout the success of Dr. Bond’s treatment protocols in relieving them from debilitating pain without surgery.

Dr. Bond was trained in allopathic medicine, which is the traditional Western medicine that focuses on treating symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation or surgery. But, after years of playing football and racing mountain bikes, taking his fair share of tumbles and breaking bones, he experienced a final blow with a bad car accident in 2002 that led to his pain becoming unbearable. He did all the standard allopathic procedures, such as anti-inflammatory medicine and physical therapy, but nothing worked. He was then told he needed a three-level fusion which at the age of 30 did not bode well for his future health and wellness.

Thus began Dr. Bond’s research on regenerative medicine. He met other physicians he trusted that were doing international mission work in Honduras that helped hundreds of people and had his first regenerative procedure done in an open-air setting in a church there. And it was a success! Immediately. And amazingly, the doctors were all treating each other. This was called prolotherapy in 2003, using a dextrose solution invented by German physicians over one hundred years ago.

Listen and learn more about the latest techniques offered by Dr. Thomas Bond, the first physician in Louisiana to offer interventional regenerative therapy using Prolotherapy, PRP, Platelet-Lysate, and Stem-Cell procedures, which he offers along with his traditional Western medical practice for patients who experience chronic joint and musculoskeletal pain.

For more information, visit https://bondmedicalcenter.com/our-services.