Jason Stoner and Stephen Rogers – Bringing Sunday Dinner To a Whole New Level

Jason Stoner, Jan Swift and Stephen Rogers at taping of Discover Lafayette

Our guests today are Jason Stoner and Stephen Rogers, who are well-known locally for their exceptional foodie and presentation skills!

Jason and Stephen devise the menu, theme, and special tablescape (a blend of table and landscaping) in the weeks preceding each event; Jason captures the process with meticulous photography to heighten the sense of appreciation for each meal prepared with love. Jason is the chef and creator of the menu; Stephen is the master of planning the ambiance and theme of the evening and takes great care to select the perfect silverware, napkins, plates, drinkware, etc.

The couple have hosted a Sunday Dinner at 6 p.m. once each month for the past few years that began in 2017 when they hosted a special birthday supper for their family. It was such a hit their children insisted on making the dinner a weekly celebration. Over time, the event morphed into a monthly affair that is closely followed by foodies. The waiting list of people hoping to attend speaks for itself. Thousands of people watch on social media to see what unique creation and decor these two will come up with! Only a few guests are selected each month so nabbing an invitation is a fete, to say the least! Jason and Stephen have never repeated a menu or theme.

As an example, November 2023’s Sunday Dinner centered on a TexMex menu, featuring beef enchiladas on homemade tortillas and sour cream sauce, with assorted sides, all freshly prepared. The evening’s theme was Dia de los Muerxos, which originated in Mexico and is a days-long celebration in honor of family members who have passed away. The playlist was Tejano Classics on Spotify. The event was hosted in honor of Emmalyn Grace Quebedeaux, a young child who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer. The lucky Sunday Dinner guests won the privilege of attending via a raffle in support of Moving Mountains for Emmy, a go fund me fundraiser in support of the little one’s medical treatments.

For more information on how to contribute to Emmalyn Grace Quebedeaux’s medical expenses, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/moving-mountains-for-emmy

Stephen spoke lovingly of the inspiration he received from his grandmother who was his ‘spirit animal,’ a flamboyant and creative woman who loved design. Her inspiration was still present whenJason and Stephen’s house sat under two feet of water after the 2016 flood; they realized that in rebuilding and reconstructing their home life, they wanted to use all of the beautiful things they had been keeping in the cabinets. They now utilize beautiful family china and glassware that they inherited from loved ones such as Stephen’s grandmother. And as Jason says, “We eat with our eyes first, so we always try to plate the meal over the top.”

Jason always tries to source food items locally whenever possible, and he mentioned his love of City Girl’s Farm‘s edible flowers, microgreens, and herbs, as well as Coastal Plains Meat Company for their outstanding selections.

Jason Stoner and Stephen Rogers have a choreographed effort they employ when hosting their monthly Sunday Dinner. Stephen meets the guests, gets them a cocktail and whisks them out of the kitchen so that Jason can complete the last minute cooking. They discuss ahead of time the flow they need for the evening to be a success. The team love what they do and hope to bring the Sunday Dinner to a new level with an anticipated YouTube show that documents the monthly event from start to finish.

Jason Stoner is well-known locally as being one of the principals behind Foodies of Lafayette alongside Heidi McDonald. Foodies of Lafayette spotlights area restaurants and culinary experiences in a positive way and will not allow negative feedback to destroy their aim of promoting local treasures. The site currently has over 60,400 active followers on Facebook and is growing exponentially each month. Jason and Heidi also launched a Foodies of Lafayette website recently where you can purchase merchandise and enjoy recipes submitted from fans.

In closing, we’d like to thank Jason and Stephen for the joy they bring to our local community. Their Sunday Dinner and love of food and beautiful design are treasures to be savored. Discover Lafayette is proud to showcase their loving contributions to our local culinary experiences.