Lafayette Crime Stoppers – Engaging Citizens to Make our Community Safer

Lafayette Crime Stoppers began in 1983 with a mission to assist local law enforcement to fight crime by helping to overcome the two elements that inhibit public involvement: fear and apathy. Crime Stoppers provides a method for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes. These efforts increase tips, which in turn increase arrests in our community.

Crime Stoppers originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico through the efforts of a young detective trying to solve a tough case involving the murder of a young college student.  He partnered with the local media looking for anonymous tips to solve the crime and within 72 hours public input led to the arrest of the perpetrator. Crime Stoppers is now found throughout 1800 communities throughout the U. S.

My guests on this episode of Discover Lafayette, Major Jules Broussard, a 28-year veteran of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office, and Marc Mouton, a citizen volunteer serving on the Crime Stoppers’ Board of Directors, discuss the incredible impact Crime Stoppers has had on Lafayette and Acadiana.

Crime Stoppers keeps all identities of tipsters anonymous.  Major Broussard stresses that “If you see something, say something!”  Your identity will remain anonymous and you will be eligible to receive a reward for helping solve a crime if your tip leads to an arrest or grand jury indictment.

With most crimes, the people closest to the perpetrators may know information about the commission of the crime. It is easy to share this information by calling (337)232-TIPS.  With the new P3 app which allows you to share information with law enforcement directly from your smartphone, witnesses are now able to report a crime while it’s being executed and provide video footage and other relevant data to local crime enforcement officials. To download the mobile app, visit

In Lafayette, the first arrest as a result of a tip to Crime Stoppers occurred on June 5, 1983, which netted a young businessman dealing drugs. Since that time, 187 armed robberies have been solved. Over the years, Crime Stoppers’ tips have also solved 45 murders, 50 attempted murders, 516 burglaries, and 1700 cases of fugitive warrants and recovery of narcotics.  Property valued at $5.5 million has been returned to the rightful owners. Over $20 million of narcotics have been taken off the streets. Real people can make a real difference when they assist law enforcement.

On the national level in 2018, Crime Stoppers has resulted in 715,000 arrests being made; 14,630 homicides have been solved; 1 million cases cleared, $106 million in rewards have been paid out; the value of property recovered is $1.1 Billion.  All of this just as of May 2018!

Lafayette Crime Stoppers also provides money to local law enforcement officials to assist with the needs of their departments. Major Broussard and Mr. Mouton spoke of the fulfillment of immediate needs not included in local annual budgets such as search dogs (which can cost up to $15,000 to $20,000), a horse trailer to transport the Lafayette City Police horses, cameras in downtown Lafayette to capture criminal activity, and a software program to help the Lafayette City Police Department identify pedophile activity online.

Lafayette Crime Stoppers partners with the following law enforcement departments: Lafayette City Court, Lafayette City Police Department
Lafayette Sheriff’s Department, Broussard Police Department, Carencro Police Department, Scott Police Department, Vermillion Parish Sheriff Department, and the Youngsville Police Department.

To report a tip to Crime Stoppers, call (337)232-TIPS or download the free P3 app available in your app store or on Google Play on your smartphone or computer. For more information, please visit

Discover Lafayette would like to thank all of our local law enforcement who work to keep our community safe! We also thank the citizen volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors of Lafayette Crime Stoppers who perpetuate this important endeavor. And, of course, the citizens who partner with Crime Stoppers by providing valuable information which may not otherwise be discovered.