Patrick Poupart – Poupart’s Bakery

Master Baker Patrick Poupart, proprietor of Poupart’s Bakery, joined Discover Lafayette to discuss the rich history of his bakery. Located at 1902 W. Pinhook in Lafayette, Poupart’s is the only authentic French bakery in Acadiana, opened by his parents Francois and Louise Poupart in 1967. The bakery currently employs 23 people to keep up with the demand for its services.

The elder Poupart studied at Compagnon Du Devoir, an apprentice guild in France where he and his twin brother trained professionally in the culinary arts. After serving in the military and working in Paris, Francois received an offer to work as a pastry chef in Louisiana in 1962 and brought his wife, Louise, with him.

Francois soon discovered that his strong French accent was not a barrier here, and was in fact appreciated and complimented by locals The baked goods offered by the Poupart family have enticed their loyal following ever since Francois opened Poupart’s in 1967.

Patrick followed in the footsteps of his father, and literally grew up at the bakery, as the family lived upstairs. Baking was always a part of his life from his youngest memories and all bakery chores had to be completed before he could engage in other activities. Patrick went to bakery school in France for one year after graduating from St. Thomas More High School and found the education to be a confirmation of the basic baking principals his father had taught him through the years.

A visit to Poupart’s is like taking a walk through heaven. Fresh breads, sweet treats, French pastries, cookies, dobash cakes, fruit tarts, there is something for everyone. Patrick explained that French baking techniques are more delicate and the pastries are more delicate and prettier confections than heavier American desserts such as pies and cookies.

Poupart’s has bread routes in Lafayette and Baton Rouge and sells its pistolettes, ciabatta, french, sourdough, focaccia, and various breads to stores throughout the region.

Poupart’s offers breakfast and lunch options onsite, and caters events. All foods are made fresh in house. As for their confections, you can special order a dessert that is not typically on their menu; provide direction and they will deliver delicious results!

We thank Patrick Poupart for joining us and sharing his story. Congratulations to the Poupart family for enjoying a successful 56 years in business!