Rex Moroux – Jeopardy Contestant, Recording Artist, Realtor

Jan Swift and Rex Moroux at Lafayette's LITE Center, headquarters of Rader Solutions

As a young man, Lafayette native Rex Moroux’s poetic bent carried him to Los Angeles to write for a playhouse.  A dream led him to buy an inexpensive guitar and illumine his words through singing and songwriting. His career in the music industry took off and his work climbed the charts. Moroux’s quick mind also landed him a spot on America’s favorite quiz show, Jeopardy, to air on April 23, 2018.

While Moroux is still an in-demand musician, he is now living back in Lafayette as the married father of three children working as a commercial realtor with Latter & Blum, formerly Coldwell Banker Pelican Real Estate.

While the odds of being selected to compete on Jeopardy are tougher than being accepted to Harvard Law School, anyone who’s ever conversed with Rex Moroux will not be surprised by his appearance on this top-rated iconic game show.

In this episode of Discover Lafayette, Rex shares his journey of returning to L. A. to be a contestant on Jeopardy.  He also shares his ties to the music industry and in particular, the late David Egan, who played an important role in Moroux’s early career.

Please check your local tv listings for April 23, 2018, so you don’t miss Rex Moroux competing as Lafayette’s first-ever contestant on Jeopardy! Best wishes to Rex as he continues his journey and hopefully explores even more creative endeavors which will enrich our world.

In a discussion after our interview ended, Rex shared why he quit touring to return home to be a husband and father. His priorities were definitely in the right place and may be listened to here.