Ron and Brad Gaubert – Father/Son Real Estate Team Who Believe Lafayette is the King of Opportunities

Our guests on this Discover Lafayette podcast are Ron and Brad Gaubert, a father-son realtor team who joined forces with Keaty Real Estate in June 2019. Before that, Ron had operated his own realty firm, Ron Gaubert Realtors, since February 1978; he has always believed in the power of investing in real estate as a wealth-building tool and has practiced what he preaches, having personally invested in real estate throughout his career. 

Both Ron and Brad are lifelong Lafayette residents who believe that Lafayette is the “King of Opportunities” as a place for economic development and growing wealth. They focus on industrial and commercial properties with high capitalization (“cap”) rates for their investors, as well as properties that yield dependable cash flow in businesses such as car washes, multi-family properties, and other retail properties. Ron has been instrumental in developing Garber Industrial Park, retail centers, subdivisions, hospitals, shopping centers, and even sold a race track once. He currently has many luxury homes in Acadiana listed for sale as well.

Ron has 41 years of experience in the real estate industry, as well as a diverse business background which brings a depth of knowledge in helping clients find the right piece of property. In his early career, Ron was active in the oil and gas industry and provided a variety of services for independent operators who needed assistance with accounting, engineering, field operations, and regulatory compliance. His entrepreneurial skills led him to design one of the first automated computer programs to calculate royalty payments for small independent operators, thus replacing the complicated and tedious manual accounting method. He managed approximately 150 wells per month in South Louisiana at one point. His experience benefits his real estate clients as he is knowledgeable in start-up companies and their needs.

Ron also worked many years in helping companies restructure and hire proper management. He is a Certified Expert witness and litigation specialist in oil & gas matters for State and Federal courts.

Brad earned his real estate license in 2014 and has been working with his dad for the past five years. Interestingly, Brad became a realtor right as the oil and gas market took a dramatic downturn; by 2015, a barrel of oil dropped in value from $130 to less than $30. Sociable and blessed with an agreeable temperament, Brad has never skipped a beat in sustaining success in the real estate industry. He focuses on customer service and has closed deals that reach beyond Louisiana borders when needed to satisfy a client’s needs. As a two time Ambassador of the Year with One Acadiana, Brad brings a desire to spur economic development and the creation of jobs to his hometown, and emphasized the joy he receives from his career and the opportunity to work with his dad.

Both Ron and Brad are men of faith, enjoying family time together. Ron affirmed that “they’ve never had a cross word among themselves.” Brad enjoys networking and finding the clients, and Ron brings his expertise to the table to propose a business plan, working out the details with Brad and their client.

They also bring a love of the outdoors which they enjoy in their personal lives. Ron is a Porsche aficionado, owning five and having served as a former President of the Porsche Club of America’s Whiskey Bay Region. He works on the vehicles and enjoys buying “parking lot queens” which need a bit of attention to bring back to restoration. He’s also blown out an engine while racing and is currently racing one of his cars with the engine he rebuilt himself. A golf lover, Ron recently celebrated shooting his second hole in one at The Wetlands Golf Course in Lafayette, which he attributed to “luck.” Brad enjoys walking on the many beautiful trails throughout Acadiana and prioritizes family time above else.

Together, Ron and Brad bring a unique, family-focused perspective that works well with their partners at Keaty Real Estate. For more information, please visit and