Ryan LaGrange of LEDA Discusses Government Funded Worker Training

Ryan LaGrange, Manager of Workforce Development for Lafayette Economic Development Authority, visited with Jan Swift, host of Discover Lafayette, to discuss government-funded job training opportunities available to Louisiana employers.

At LEDA, LaGrange assists businesses in applying for workforce grants to upgrade the skills of their existing employees, as well as to obtain training for new hires.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission sets aside $20 million per year from funds generated by state unemployment tax contributions. Small business training for companies who have fewer than 50 employees is always funded first. Companies can send their employees to continuing education classes, obtain software or equipment training, as well as any type of training provided by a local state-approved provider.

Employees must be on the company’s payroll as a salaried worker, full-time or part-time, to be eligible for training. Once a company has been in operation in Louisiana for three years and is in compliance with the unemployment tax laws, it qualifies to receive up to $3,000 per employee per year.

Customized training costing up to $200,000 per fiscal year may also be obtained through the Incumbent Worker Training Program for companies looking to improve the skill of fifteen or more employees (companies can form consortiums to meet the minimum number required).

To learn more about all training opportunities funded through Louisiana’s Workforce Commission, visit www.laworks.net.

Local Workforce Development Boards are funded by federal dollars and are another source to help job seekers (youth, adult and dislocated workers) access employment, education, and training, and to match employers with the skilled workers.

Ryan LaGrange may be contacted at ryanl@lafayette.org or to download LEDA’s workforce packet: http://www.lafayette.org/site343.php