Ryan Pécot, Proprietor of Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse

Our guest is Ryan Pécot, proprietor of Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse, a full-service BBQ restaurant and bar located at 117 S. College Road in Lafayette. Discover Lafayette is proud to partner with Eat Lafayette and Lafayette Travel to showcase this young entrepreneur whose creative concepts are redefining the ‘cool’ culture of Lafayette.

Ryan’s work ethic started early in life when he said he’d like a car and his dad, Kirby Pécot, told him to go get a job. He took an entry-level job at Outback Steakhouse dumping the trash cans and worked his way up to management and becoming a part of the training team for the chain. Today, Ryan’s typical workday is jam-packed as he also serves as Senior Retail Leasing and Development Advisor with Stirling Properties, a career he began after graduation from UL-Lafayette in 2001, and as the owner of Paws & Paw Paw’s boarding/daycare/grooming facilities with his wife, Traci. Another endeavor, Adopted Dog Brewing, is also anticipated to open soon at 329 Dulles Drive (near SLCC) which will be the only brewery within the city limits of Lafayette.

Ryan and Traci have always enjoyed traveling and looking for offbeat restaurants and breweries while on the road. Ryan calls himself a beer aficionado as well as a lover of good BBQ, so finding great local restaurants tucked away unexpectedly in the middle of a neighborhood while on the road always brings joy. These adventures are what inspired Ryan to open Tchoup’s in mid-city Lafayette as he didn’t see anyone in Lafayette offering the unique combo of BBQ, a full-service bar and outdoor seating, all tucked away in a 2600-square-foot structure that incorporates many of the homey elements of the original dwelling built decades ago.

As a seasoned commercial realtor, Ryan approached his restaurant’s location with the same special care he affords all of his retail clients. Tchoup’s venue was not chosen randomly; it was selected specifically for its geographic location in the core of Lafayette, the “Mid City,” and Ryan hopes this moniker will become a trend with many others following suit. He believes the side roads, what he calls “B” streets, off of Johnston Street have something very special to offer the residential neighborhoods that don’t typically have the option of a restaurant near their home. He knew immediately that Tchoup’s site was the perfect location for his original concept and did a lot of the carpentry work himself to maintain his vision. When you walk in, you feel instantly at ease; Tchoup’s has a lovely feel that evokes memories of family gatherings and festive occasions.

Tchoup’s opened in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Even with the incredible challenges brought about by the shutdown, Tchoup’s has grown into a popular dining destination known for its comfortable ambiance and for being a friendly place to bring your dog. Tchoup’s even offers a complete menu for your dog to choose from, including selections such as dog beers (broth-based) and dog treats such as Crunchy Rabbit, Jones’ Whole Pig Ear, or Hawaiian Luau Bites!

Tchoupitoulas was the inspiration for Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse. Ryan and his wife, Traci, are both dog lovers and opened Paws & Paw Paw’s boarding/daycare/grooming facility

Tchoup’s offerings are all ‘scratch,’ meaning everything is freshly prepared from start to finish and of the highest quality. There is no freezer or microwave on site. Food is brought in fresh and cooked fresh. Ryan spoke of how he enjoys doing business with local vendors and fills up a shopping cart of sausage each Tuesday at NuNu’s.

Ryan credits other local restauranteurs for the great support they have offered him. He partnered with Social Entertainment’s Gus Rezende and John Peterson who helped him draft his employee handbook and navigate other start-up issues.

The Burnt Bacon Ends are a huge hit and consist of pork belly with a homemade special rub, brown sugar and a sweet chili glaze. The “Whole Hog” is also a popular item for first timers who want to taste a bit of everything Tchoup’s has to offer. Ryan loves the salads, in particular the Tchoup’s Wedge salad with honey-lime vinaigrette dressing. Traci Pécot is said to love the smoked shrimp or turkey quesadillas!

In 2017, Ryan, alongside his wife, Traci, developed Paws & Paw Paw’s boarding/daycare/grooming facility as a full-time job entrepreneurship opportunity for her. The maturing business now has a second location and is recognized as a best-in-class company in the Acadiana area. 

For more information on Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse, please visit https://www.eatmidcitybbq.com/ or their Facebook page. Thanks to Ryan Pécot for enriching our options for delicious American BBQ, craft beers, fine whiskeys and joie de vivre!

Lafayette, Louisiana offers a variety of locally owned restaurants that serve a plethora of delicious cuisines, including the smoked BBQ of Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse! To get a flavor of all our region offers, visit https://www.lafayettetravel.com/eatlafayette/ to check out what may suit your palate!