Tracy Tullier – Supervising Guide of Tours at Louisiana State Capitol

Tracy Tullier, a Breaux Bridge resident and Supervising Guide of Tours at the Louisiana State Capitol, joins Discover Lafayette to discuss her beloved work in guiding people through our state’s majestic Capitol, as well as sharing Louisiana’s rich history with visitors who hail from all parts of the U. S. and countries around the world.

Tracy Tullier at the Louisiana State Capitol, photo credit to Jan Risher, the Advocate.

While many Louisiana residents have never experienced the tour of our State Capitol, in 2023 visitors from 115 different countries made the trip, and over 65,000 registered signed in. Tracy explained that in addition to these registered guests, many people don’t sign in for a tour but still show up to wander around the beautiful building and make the trip up to the top floor Observation Deck to take in the sights of the Mississippi River, LSU’s campus, and surrounding buildings of downtown Baton Rouge and beyond.

Tracy came to our attention over the past couple of years when Lafayette Junior Leadership Class students traveled to Baton Rouge to learn about state government, the legislative sessions held at the State Capitol, and have the opportunity to meet elected officials from Acadiana. She makes the day, her smile captures your heart, and you know you are in good hands.

Tracy is professional, enthusiastic, and well-informed, ready to shape your understanding about Louisiana, weaving in facts and tidbits of historical events such as when Huey Long was shot inside the Capitol building, how the current State Capitol came to be built, and how the House of Representatives and Senate work. On her tours, Louisiana really comes to life! Pictures below were taken by Jan Risher of the Advocate and depict the chandeliers on the Capitol’s first floor (which weigh two tons), and photos of the Senate and House Chambers.

The Louisiana State Capitol was built in 14 months, and cost $5 million to construct. It was the brainchild of Governor and U. S. Senator Huey Long. It is the tallest capitol in the United States. And as Tracy Tullier states, “Our capitol has more questions than it does answers” when she recounts the many interesting events that have taken place in the building, including Huey Long’s death, the bombing that took place in the Senate Chamber in 1970, and how thereafter, a pencil (or something) got stuck in the Senate Chamber’s ceiling.

Ironically, Senator Long died before he could dedicate the Capitol, so that honor was fulfilled by his successor, Louisiana Governor Oscar K. (“OK”) Allen. Pictured below is a photo of the early Capitol Building.

If you haven’t made this trip to Baton Rouge to visit the Capitol, this tour should be added to your bucket list of things to do in your lifetime, as it is truly a lifetime adventure and one that will awaken your interest in Louisiana culture.

Tracy Tullier and her fellow tour guides are employed by Louisiana’s Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, under the office of Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. Tracy worked at the Slidell Welcome Center before being employed at the Capitol several years ago, and encourages people to check out all of our state’s Welcome Centers to learn more about Louisiana. During the interview, she thanked her boss, Jason Miller, for his support, and complimented her peers throughout the state who are employed at our regional welcome centers who encourage people to check out local attractions, dining, lodging, and events as they pass through Louisiana.

Before you travel to the Capitol, you may want to visit online at to gain more information about the experience.

The State Capitol is free and open daily for tours, from 8 till 4:30 p.m. If you want to make a reservation for the tour, call 225-342-7317. The tour guides will confirm your appointment via email. You can also walk in without an appointment and request to be included on the next tour. Plan to spend about an hour of your time engulfed in beauty and history.

When you visit Louisiana State Capitol, you can also visit the many nearby attractions which include the Old State Capitol, the Old Governor’s Mansion, the Capitol Park Museum, the USS Kidd, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, the Native American Mound, Magnolia Mound, Burden Museum and Gardens, LSU Museum of Art, and much more.

We thank Tracy Tullier and her co-workers who do so much to promote Louisiana. This was a heartwarming interview that we are proud to share.