Tyler Lafleur of HPHI: Performance Coach and Functional Medicine Practioner

Through his company, HPHI, Tyler LaFleur offers health coaching and Executive performance coaching. The purpose of his coaching is to transform individuals and organizations by facilitating the learning of the discipline and self-mastery required to reach their goals and achieve outstanding levels of health and performance.

Even with his advanced educational background (Degree in Nursing at UL – Lafayette, Certified as an Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Masters in Leadership Arts and Science from The Thayer Institute), Tyler asserts that most of his knowledge is self-taught as he has worked with people in the health and wellness coaching industry over the past 12 years. He will be a recurring guest on our podcast, Nourish Your Health at every age.

“Early in my career I worked in surgery, on all the different floors, and saw a lot of sick people. I knew I would rather be on the proactive side instead of the reactive side.”

After an early stint as a surgical nurse, Tyler took a position with a biometric monitoring company that kept track of the vital signs of offshore workers. As he went out to visit with the workers on safety checks, they began asking questions about diet and health choices they should make. During a twelve-week pilot program, one of the guys lost about fifty pounds and another couple stopped smoking. As the pilot program entered its next phase, the workers realized that while Tyler was helping them make healthy changes that kept them able to work safely on the job, they could also make meaningful adjustments in their lives to produce lasting wellness. This is when Tyler discovered functional medicine as his life calling.

Functional medicine is essentially a root cause analysis of the human body. So instead of you coming to my office and describing your symptoms, your aches, your high cholesterol, and having me treat those symptoms. I get to the root of what might be causing these symptoms. Most people will tell you, ‘well, I have a family history of this disease.’ You have to place those excuses aside and figure out what’s behind your family history. If we can pinpoint some of the choices you’re making that are resulting in high cholesterol, high blood pressure, whatever it may be, would you be willing to change that? That’s essentially what I do.”

So now, twelve years later, Tyler Lafleur says that instead of having a purpose, he is had by his purpose in helping others achieve optimal health by self-mastery and discovering the lifestyle choices that will honor their own particular body’s needs. He loves his work and also learned that he can impart knowledge to his clients, but not wisdom. Tyler considers himself a health partner with each person he works with, but ultimately, they have to decide if they’re willing to step up and take care of themselves.

Tyler Lafleur working with a client at HPHI. He considers himself a partner with each individual he helps and meets them where they are in their life and health situations.

At HPHI, Tyler’s typical client is either someone who has gone to the doctor and received a diagnosis they don’t like or someone who has been doing a certain exercise program or diet and they have plateaued, not losing any more weight and their energy is crashing. He typically works with someone for 30 days and then they meet to assess progress. His goal is to have the client incorporate the lifestyle changes into their daily habits and take ownership of the steps necessary to move forward on their own.

Interestingly, not everyone Tyler works with is a couch potato and overweight due to lack of activity. Some clients are ultra-competitive athletes who cross-train, eat an uber calorie-restricted diet, and pride themselves on getting by with little sleep. This type of client can be the toughest to coach as they are wed to a certain lifestyle and aren’t willing to give up their regimen, even if it isn’t working for them anymore. Yet these choices can burn up their adrenal glands and deplete the body’s hormones, keeping them from recovering and maintaining their health. Some of the fittest looking people will be diagnosed with cardiovascular or hormonal problems that are a direct result of over-exercise. At times, less exercise is indeed “more” when it comes to your health and wellness!

For the client who is self-motivated and ready to partner with Tyler, he will coach them on the ideal methods to improve their health, based upon their own particular body type and current lifestyle. Testing may be done to determine hormone and other health indicators, and a diet and exercise regimen is set out. Tyler asks his clients to document everything they consume at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as anything else imbibed or consumed throughout the day. By journaling and photographing intake, the client can see how much they are actually consuming and why they may not have been successful at weight loss.

The podcast is full of tips and anecdotal evidence that will inspire you to think about your own life choices and how you take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. Tyler’s words hit home and remind each of us that the easiest person to fool is ourselves; his skilled guidance as a health coach may be just the thing you need to find the wholeness you yearn for. Please check out his site at https://www.hphi.life/functional-medicine for more information.

Tips shared by Tyler on the show for wearable devices that monitor health:

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