Philip Gould, Documentary and Architectural Photographer

Philip Gould’s exquisite photography brings the unique culture of Louisiana to life.  A documentary/architecture photographer who has made Louisiana his home and favorite subject since 1974, Gould has photographed throughout the state, across the nation, around Europe, with ventures into Mexico and the Caribbean. He prefers long, in-depth, multi-year projects, which more often than not become photographic books.

Gould’s work has been published in over twenty books including Ghosts of Good Times: Louisiana Dance Halls Past and PresentThe Public Art of Robert Dafford; Soul Exchange: the Paintings of Dennis Paul Williams; The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town; Les Plus Belles Gares de France (the most beautiful train stations of France); Every Day’s a Party with Emeril Lagasse; Louisiana’s Capitols; The Power and the BeautyThe World of William Joyce Scrapbook;  His first publication was Les Cadiens d’Asteur/Today’s Cajuns.

Most recently he has undertaken a documentary project tentatively entitled Bridge the Mississippi: Spans Across the Father of Waters, a portrayal of architecture and humanity along many of the 225 bridges across the  Mississippi. The book is tentatively set to be published in Spring 2020 and an exhibit featuring its photography will be held at the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum on UL – Lafayette’s campus.

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