RADER Cyber Security Team Talks About Small Business’s Need to Protect Against Cyber Attack

Jan Swift introduces Rader’s Cyber Security team: Tim Fournet, Sarah Bryson and Tyler Robertson. Sarah Bryson explains how two-thirds of small businesses who experience a cyber-hacking of their computer systems never financially recover from the disruption to their business.

A little background on Sarah Bryson: A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Sarah is a graduate of The Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. She received her Bachelor of Art in Political Science and International Relations from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During her time studying, Sarah worked for a government-sponsored entity that managed a variety of US-sponsored security and law enforcement software. She also spent time studying in both Europe and South America to gain a better understanding of security and conflicts from non-US American perspectives. Her studies eventually lead her to move to Tel Aviv, Israel, to obtain her Master’s in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies with a Specialization in Cyber Security from The Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya. While in Israel, she also worked in various roles within security-based Tech Startups and graduate assistant level research positions.

 After completing her time in Tel Aviv, Sarah hoped to have the opportunity to use her newfound skills in a position that helped people while being close to home- RADER gave her just that. Establishing the Security Operations Team allowed her to apply her expertise in both the private and public sectors assisting businesses and government entities in bettering their security posture amid ever-growing external threats.