Discover Lafayette’s Past – Albert M. Karre

The late Albert Karre, was a well-respected and prominent attorney who served as Lafayette City Prosecutor and Lafayette City Attorney. He was belovedly referred to as “Little Man” due to his height of 5’6″, although his bravery, talent, and heart enabled him to stand tall among men in any crowd.

While interviewing Kay Karre Gautreaux, his daughter who is a candidate for 15th JDC judge, we found an article from 1959 contained in the Octofoil, a periodical out of Columbus Ohio. Therein, Mr. Karre was described as a proud WW II veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Bronze Star.

The Octofoil shared a letter received that Mr. Joe Lynch of Allendale, N. J., father of Captain Paul Lynch, received from Albert M. Karre, from Lafayette, LA.

Al Karre had been a great friend of Captain Lynch during WWII. Karre sent the following condolence note to Mr. Lynch with the following comment: “I want you to know how much I thought of your son, Paul, whom I served in the 39th Infantry. You may have great consolation in the fact that your son was an outstanding officer and as a man beloved by all who knew him. He served with honor and distinction, and at the time of his death, he set an example to all who had served with him.”

The humble Albert Karre was known to say, “I owe my life to a helmet and the good lord!”

We thank Albert Karre and all of the brave U. S. soldiers who fought on our behalf during WWII. May God bless their service, as well as the service of all our servicemen and women.