Evolution of a Logo

Discover Lafayette logo early draft

Early draft of the Discover Lafayette logo by Taylor Marie Swift

Creating the concept and logo for Discover Lafayette was truly a family endeavor. As I excitedly set out to launch the podcast, I realized I needed a logo to define the spirit of this new interview show. My vision for the logo was a pelican with a headset on, which I thought was a fun way to capture our Louisiana state bird and the podcast style of interview being conducted. Unfortunately, I have no artistic talent!

Serious pelican draft
Draft of a more serious pelican
Pelican with headset
Taylor finetuned the sketch of Discover Lafayette’s pelican wearing a headset

Luckily, my daughter, Taylor Marie Swift, is a patient and skilled artist who worked with me through various drafts of the logo. I love the final product and also want to thank our graphic designer, Emily Carline, who took Taylor’s final sketch and turned it into a vector file that can be utilized for the branding of the podcast in Apple and Android podcast mediums, our website, newsletter, etc.

The playful spirit of Discover Lafayette’s logo inspires me every time I see it. It always reminds me of the beauty of our state and local community, and the many stories waiting to be told.

Discover Lafayette Final Logo
The final product— Discover Lafayette‘s logo!