Rader Solutions Supports Discover Lafayette!

Jan Swift and Chris Rader of Rader Solutions

Discover Lafayette’s podcast is recorded in the offices of Rader Solutions, a technology company located in the LITE Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. Rader creates and maintains technical strategies for businesses across the country, functioning as their complete IT Department, from networks, to phones, hosting of servicers and a service-oriented help desk. Rader offers a complete fleet of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.Rader Solutions logo

Rader’s motto is, “You Just Want It to Work, We Understand!” If you’re wondering if Rader can help your business, please visit radersolutions.com.

Jason Sikora
Jason Sikora

Jason Sikora of Rader Solutions serves as sound engineer for our podcast. Jason worked as a professional touring technician for Britney Spears, Faith Hill and other artists. After working in music for ten years in Los Angeles, he turned his attention to computers and joined Rader solutions. Jason’s expertise guarantees a quality audio soundtrack for Discover Lafayette and a professional environment which puts our guests at ease. We’re grateful for the talent Jason brings to our podcast!

Thank you to Chris Rader, and the team at Rader Solutions, for supporting Discover Lafayette’s mission to shine the light on all the good in our community!

Jason Sikora and Al Hebert
Jason Sikora and Discover Lafayette guest Al Hebert following taping at Rader Solutions