Welcome to Discover Lafayette!

Jan Swift

By Jan Swift, Host/Producer

Discover Lafayette is a podcast dedicated to the people, places, and culture of Lafayette, the gateway to South Louisiana and the region we call Acadiana.

I was motivated to create Discover Lafayette as a medium which focuses on the warm joie de vivre, or “joy of living,” exemplified by our people, the delicious food, and the cultural traditions passed down generation after generation.

Lafayette enjoys a creative spirit and collective wildcatter mentality that fosters a business climate of success, open to anyone willing to jump in! Our community also values family and is the reason so many are proud to call Lafayette home and decide to remain here even when opportunities to move are presented.

What better way to highlight the multitude of reasons to live or work in Lafayette, or travel here, than to learn the backstories of the many people who make Lafayette and Acadiana special? So far, 25 episodes of Discover Lafayette have been broadcast, featuring guests as diverse as Charlie Goodson, restauranteur; Robert Dafford, mural artist; Jady Regard, Cane River Pecan’s Chief Nut Officer and lead guide on wild alligator hunts; and Lynn Guidry, architect and Lafayette historian.

Researching for the shows and getting to know the guests better has been truly inspirational. Having the opportunity to conduct a relaxed interview allows each guest to reflect on their experience and talk candidly about their love of our community. I hope you will enjoy these interviews as much as I do! Subscribe to the Discover Lafayette newsletter, which will highlight the treasure trove of interviews.

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