C’est La Joie Academy – French Immersion Learning for Three Year Olds

Mamie Perkins, Charlotte Cobb and Jan Swift

The founders of C’est La Joie Academy, Charlotte Cobb and Mamie Perkins, join Discover Lafayette to share their drive to offer three-year-olds a safe place to have fun while they develop a lifelong quest for learning and exploration. C’est La Joie Academy offers a play-based, nurturing, French Immersion environment where three-year-olds are surrounded by the […]

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Foodies of Lafayette – Heidi McDonald

Heidi McDonald, Foodies of Lafayette, with Jan Swift at RADER studio taping Discover Lafayette

Heidi McDonald of Foodies of Lafayette joins Discover Lafayette to discuss her passion for sharing positive news about all things related to good food. Foodies of Lafayette is a group that supports local restaurants while cultivating a positive experience for its members.  It is promoted via its Facebook page where local restaurants can post daily […]

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Coach of a Lifetime: The Story of Lewis Cook Jr., Legendary High School Football Coach

Notre Dame Football Coach Lewis Cook, Jr. and Gaylon White, the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Coach of a Lifetime: The Story of Lewis Cook Jr., Legendary High School Football Coach, join Discover Lafayette to discuss Louie’s incredible and historical journey in coaching over the past 50 years. Coach Louie Cook is renowned for being […]

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Erica Melancon Fox – Creative Spirit Working to Share History Through Maison Freetown African American Museum

Erica Melancon Fox, Executive Director of the Maison Freetown African American History Museum, joins us today to share her incredible journey. A musician, a historian, and a lover of a good story, Erica shares stories that are golden. Her parents always supported her journey in music, dance, and all things that allowed her to share […]

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Roy’s Fresh Lemonade – A Devillier Family Adventure

Roy Devillier, founder of Roy’s Fresh Lemonade, and his daughter, Cynthia Devillier Thompson, join Discover Lafayette to discuss the family-run business Roy started almost 30 years ago. They truly represent the American way of working hard and having a good time in the process as they make a living. Roy is a retired pharmacist who […]

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