Dr. Gary Wagner – Professor of Economics at UL – Lafayette

Dr. Gary Wagner, Professor of Economics at UL – Lafayette, joins Discover Lafayette to discuss his role as the Acadiana Business Economist Endowed Chair in Economics where he works to strengthen UL’s presence in the community and the state while monitoring the regional economic environment, conduct research, and keep the business community up to date […]

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Jaci Russo and Craig Wall Discuss the Importance of Civil Debate in Local Politics

Remember the days when you could turn on the radio or television and all you expected was to be treated to great music or entertaining shows? It seems like a million years ago when Walter Cronkite and his peers just reported the facts without adding their take on what you should think of the news […]

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Frank Randol of Randol’s – Purveyor of Gulf Seafood and Cajun Culture

Frank Beaullieu Randol is passionate about seafood, especially about sustaining our Gulf Seafood industry and keeping our Cajun culture alive for generations to come. In this Discover Lafayette podcast, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing Frank discuss what it has taken to keep his restaurant, Randol’s, going for almost five decades, how he worked to […]

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