Angela Cring, Executive Director of LAGCOE

Lafayette enjoys a collective wildcatter mentality that fosters a business climate of success, open for people who are willing to jump in! Home of the Oil Center, developed by Maurice Heymann in the 1950’s, Lafayette is situated in the very heart of America’s energy corridor and historically, business development in the region has been directly tied to the fortunes of the oil and gas sector.

Since 1955, opportunities and developments have been showcased biennially by LACGOE (Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition), one of the world’s pioneer oil and gas expositions fueling global energy solutions. This year, LAGCOE will be held October 24 – 26, 2017. Don Briggs, President of Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, will be honored as LAGCOE Looey and serve as its goodwill ambassador and ceremonial host.

In this episode of Discover Lafayette, Jan Swift interviews Angela Cring, Executive Director of LAGCOE about its history, the importance of LAGCOE in connecting oil and gas sector businesses with opportunities, and fostering the energy workforce pipeline. For more information on LAGCOE, visit