Dr. Ann Laurent, Dentist

After graduating from LSU School of Dentistry in 1983, Dr. Ann Laurent was one of only three female dentists in Lafayette. Today she maintains a highly successful practice which offers a relaxing refuge for her patients as well as cutting-edge dental and cosmetic procedures.  Along with her team of professionals, Dr. Laurent works to establish and maintain long-term relationships with her patients.

On this episode of Discover Lafayette, Dr. Laurent shares with Jan Swift the childhood event which inspired her to pursue a career as a dentist, and her personal sense of spirituality which inspires her daily life.

An avid supporter of the artistic community, Dr. Laurent believes the arts are an important part of our psyche, both as individuals and the greater community.  As she stated, “We are all designed in the image of our Creator, and we were all designed to create. That’s what brings us life, that’s what brings us fulfillment, that’s what brings us a sense of purpose….anything that sparks that, that’s what I’m all about it.” Laurent further states, “That’s what I love about Lafayette, that there’s an impetus and desire to stoke that fire, that creativity within the schools and the community.”

The sense of community, as well as the creative, loving, and happy spirit of Lafayette, are reasons Dr. Laurent is proud to call Lafayette home. For more information on her practice, please visit http://www.drannlaurent.com.