Ben Powers – Developing Lafayette

Ben Powers is the force behind Developing Lafayette, a blog dedicated to reporting new businesses and construction in Lafayette.

Driven by a natural curiosity about new businesses and restaurants popping up around town, Ben found there was no easy way to obtain access to information that was public record but not readily available online. Wanting to share information that was on the down-low or “DL,” Ben took it upon himself to investigate new business happenings and inform the community about the latest construction projects and commercial developments.

Developing Lafayette began as a Facebook page in 2012 and now has more than 40,000 followers. His website,, provides a more comprehensive video and pictorial depository about Lafayette and the surrounding area’s newest construction and notable transactions affecting the retail market.

The website is a popular destination and Ben keeps a running tally of the most wanted new developments.  As of this writing, voters’ top 3 “wish list” desires are Trader Joe’s, redevelopment of Northgate Mall similar to Tanger Outlets, and P. F. Chang’s. There is also demand for new entertainment venues such as Dave & Buster’s (a family video arcade/restaurant) and a Lafayette Aquarium.

Ben Powers brings the everyday man approach to unearthing information we all wonder about but don’t take the time find out. A graphic designer by trade, he captures the excitement and visual aesthetics that draw our eyes to exciting and unknown things  Thanks to Ben Powers for answering the questions that our “enquiring minds want to know!”

Special thanks to our sponsors, Rader Solutions and Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission.