Dr. Jason Cormier – Nationally Renowned Neurosurgeon at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital, Race Car Driver, Musician, and Author of “Driven”

Dr. Jason Cormier of Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital joins Discover Lafayette to share his phenomenal story of success as well as overcoming trials and tribulations. He is not only a renowned neurosurgeon, but he is also a race car driver, accomplished musician, inventor, and author of the newly released “Driven” which he wrote to encourage […]

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Dr. Malcolm Stubbs, Orthopedic Surgeon, on ROSA robotic hip surgery

Dr. Malcolm Stubbs of the Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic

Dr. Malcolm Stubbs, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, joins Discover Lafayette to discuss the latest technique to restore mobility to patients with degenerative hip issues. In particular, we discuss the ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) robotic hip surgery procedure that Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital has recently added. Dr. Stubbs graduated from LSU and […]

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