Celebrate April, National Pecan Month, with a Visit to Cane River Pecans!

You may love eating pecans, but did you know that they are also a heart-healthy food? According to https://www.health.com, they have more than twice the flavonoid content found in almonds, cashews, and pistachios, and seven times the amount in walnuts.  Pecans are also a great source of thiamin, zinc, manganese and copper. 

Most of us, however, savor pecans for the pure delicious taste! In recognition of America’s love of pecans, each April we celebrate National Pecan Month.

There’s no better representative of the pecan industry than Jady Regard, Chief Nut Officer of Cane River Pecans in New Iberia, Louisiana. Since 1969, Jady’s family has been involved in the pecan industry and since 2002, has offered gourmet pecan gift items. One taste from any of the sumptuous options offered by Cane River and we guarantee you will be sold!

Cane River Gourmet Pecans Offers Popular Gift Items.

You can listen to Jady Regard share his enthusiasm for pecans and his other endeavors on Discover Lafayette’s podcast here.