Discover Lafayette’s Past – Bill Landry Orchestra

The Bill Landry Orchestra, originally assembled and known as the Louisiana Six, played Dixieland jazz all along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Texas.

The family band was wildly popular in Cajun Country, and they were mentioned as early as 1918 in The Daily Advertiser when they played at the Martin Dance Hall in Scott. Members included Sidney “Cap” Hebert on trumpet, Delma Hebert as a violinist, along with Leo Girouard, Alief “Coosoon” Girouard, Noah Hebert, Wilson Hebert and Viola Hebert Landry.

The band was so successful they were able to buy a Model T and other fine vehicles in which they traveled until they disbanded in 1941 as band members were drafted to serve in WWII.

After the war, the band was reconfigured and went by the name of their leader, Bill Landry, until his death in 1979. Band member Lucien Landry’s granddaughter, Yvette Landry, 2013 and 2019 Louisiana Music Ambassador, has been a guest on Discover Lafayette; Yvette is well known for her rich voice and musical talent which obviously runs in her family.

Photo courtesy of collection of Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis J. Perret.