Pack & Paddle Hosts Garage Sale for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Pack & Paddle in Lafayette LA is the destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for the best equipment and experienced advice for all types of self-propelled outdoor activities. Owners John and Becky Williams were recent guests on the Discover Lafayette podcast which you can listen to here.

Focused on customer service and the individual customer’s needs, John and Becky also help our community get rid of outdoor gear that we no longer need so we can make space to purchase new gear that fits our lifestyles today.

On February 16, 2018, 8 a.m. to Noon, Pack & Paddle is hosting its annual community-wide garage sale at its retail store located at 601 E. Pinhook Road in Lafayette.

All are encouraged to sell their gear at the Garage Sale. Bring in any type of outdoor gear to sell – tents, sleeping bags, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, backpacks, clothing, bikes, shoes….Here’s how to sell your gear – it’s easy!

  • Collect your used gear and bring it to Pack & Paddle
  • Fill out the list with a simple item description & price
  • Attach tags to your items – the staff will help!
  • Receive store credit or cash for the items that sell
  • Simply drop your gear off the between the Saturday before the garage sale through the Thursday (February 4, 2019) before the Garage sale. They will provide tags for you to label and price your items when you bring them in. On the day of the Garage Sale, they will try to sell it for you on consignment.You will receive 60% of the selling price in cash or 100% of the selling price in P&P store credit (your choice).

The Williams’ passion will convert you into an outdoor enthusiast and make you want to rent a canoe, learn how to paddle or hike, or pursue any outdoor activity which stimulates your innate drive to live life to the fullest! Their input on why South Louisiana is a destination for world travelers will also inspire you to appreciate your home and the beautiful topography which draws visitors here year after year.

For more information on Pack & Paddle, please visit

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