Chris Rader of Rader Solutions on the Discover Lafayette podcast: How to increase your company’s bottom line through innovation, getting things right the first time

Discover Lafayette’s podcast is included in The Acadiana Advocate’s Business Newsletter twice a week. We are proud to partner with The Advocate, as well as with Rader Solutions and Jason Sikora who tape our podcast interviews.

Today’s Advocate promotion features Chris Rader, CEO of Rader Solutions. The podcast may be listened to here.

The article published today by The Advocate’s Adam Daigle is based upon our show notes as follows:

“When Chris Rader founded Rader Solutions in the summer of 1998, he landed two clients. Both were from outside Louisiana.

While most companies start local and expand outward, Rader’s company began on a national level and he learned quickly how to get the job done right the first time.

Rader spoke with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast and shared his business insights on how to increase a the bottom line through technological innovation, the importance of getting things right the first time and prioritizing family in the competing demands of work and home.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Rader’s goal has been for his customers to continue to improve their bottom line and meet their financial objectives through a balanced use of technology, education and training. He has worked on-site with over 500 building supply companies in 45 states.

Today, the company of 27 full-time employees manages information technology for over 175 companies; fast-growth energy, medical, and manufacturing-related companies anchored in south Louisiana and 65 regional building supply dealers based throughout the United States.

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