Rader Solutions Supports Discover Lafayette!

Jan Swift and Chris Rader of Rader Solutions Discover Lafayette’s podcast is recorded in the offices of Rader Solutions, a technology company located in the LITE Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. Rader creates and maintains technical strategies for businesses across the country, functioning as their complete IT Department, from networks, to phones, hosting of servicers and […]

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Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission Supports Discover Lafayette!

Jan Swift and Ben Berthelot

Jan Swift and Ben Berthelot of LCVC Launching Discover Lafayette has been a team undertaking, and we’d like to express gratitude to Ben Berthelot and his team at Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission for their support of this endeavor. LCVC’s investment has enabled us to develop www.discoverlafayette.net, create this newsletter, and create a more professional […]

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Evolution of a Logo

Discover Lafayette logo early draft

Early draft of the Discover Lafayette logo by Taylor Marie Swift Creating the concept and logo for Discover Lafayette was truly a family endeavor. As I excitedly set out to launch the podcast, I realized I needed a logo to define the spirit of this new interview show. My vision for the logo was a […]

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